Business Development

Paustian Advisory is very experienced within business development, developing business models and branding.

The experience counts successful business processes where either entrepreneurs, small and mid sized companies or conglomerates have been supported with the practice of business development.

These processes have created a valuable platform in order to achieve new business adventures in various ways either Business to business or Business to Consumer.

Business development is roughly defined as expanding in the offerings of new products, entering new markets with existing products or approaching new markets with new products.

Paustian Advisory has carried out all kinds of business development and it has been within different industries.

The process of advisory is often carried out analysing the business context in order to identify new business opportunities. Hereafter a process of strategic development is taking over.

Management and Business Administration

Paustian Advisory is skilled to handle all sorts of challenges related to management and business administration. The specific experiences counts:

Due diligence, the entire process within M&A, Strategic communication, Press relations, Fundraising, Corporate Branding, Business models, Implementation of strategic changes, Budgeting, Political processes, Conflicts and crisis management, Advertisement and International Marketing Strategies, Cultural settings of organizations, Helping entrepreneurs, experience within cultural and artistic business models etc.    

Values and Leadership

Paustian Advisory is very experienced in creating:

Strong and complementary teams, Changing organizational set ups, Establishing a Board of Directors, Developing internal conceptual frameworks, Helping people to structure their growth potential etc.

Ideas and Conceptual frameworks

Paustian Advisory has taken care of many different ideas relating to growth and personal development:

Developing philosophical exercises, Film concepts, Writings, Research processes, Innovative projects, Product development etc.

Creativity and Value-proposition

Paustian Advisory is always in a process of development using the creativity to solve fundamental issues. Creativity is the meta-value of finding new ways of solving problems and handling conflicting interests.