Facilitated a turnaround

Paustian Advisory has been involved in a recovery process of a Danish/German chain of stores.

First of all, Paustian Advisory was developing the opportunity of a takeover, creating clarity of ‘here and now’ decisions in order to change the structure of the business model.

Secondly, we received the information needed and created a detailed analysis of the business concept, analysing the framework with a clear focus on the economic performance based on the conceptual framework.

Thirdly, we created an awareness of the reality presenting the summary of the analysis for the organization, pinpointing key numbers and key findings in order to fulfil the process of openness and honesty.

Fourthly, we facilitated a strategic process of idea-generation in the light of what was needed. That process was undertaken in order to test the capacity of the organization and in order to experience the creativity of the organization.

Fifthly, we decided to develop a strategic suggestion that fulfilled the responsibility of what was needed. The suggestion was a turnaround and not just another attempt to rescue the present business model.

The strategy was a leadership approach demanding a whole new setup based on: The essential value-proposition, key learning from the industry and the demographic structural changes in our society.

Executing Strategy

Working with DLG has been a long-term business relationship concerning strategic implementation of business development. The assignments have covered creational processes, focusing on the superb areas of growth within the agricultural industry.

The assignments have implied a wide range of leadership decisions related to value-creation of DLG’s significant market position. We have worked on at least 10-15 different strategic subjects and solved the challenges – all of the challenges have been successfully executed each within a very short period of time.

The main project has been a due diligence process leading to a merger. We arranged and facilitated the whole developmental process within five months and launched the company with a new strategy, a new sharpened business model and a new clear market position. The company is every year proving its own value.

Integration and Business Development

The project was initiated as an idea on how an insurance company could develop its own value proposition with the vision of creating peace of mind and to handle situations of crisis

This venture became a significant project on how to develop the leadership of an insurance company by facilitating and organizing an integration project involving young 2nd generation immigrants and the former CEO, Stine Bosse. Initially it was a pilot project, however, later it became a part of the internal leadership development program at TRYG.

For 9 days we hiked on el Camino in northern Spain. The idea was to undertake a healing process illustrating how a company could support young immigrants revitalize their lives. The documentary - Bossen og Bøllerne - was broadcasted on national television, TV2 19. January 2010: 20:55). It was produced by Finn Nørgaard, who unfortunately lost his life by a terror attack in Copenhagen. The project has furthermore been covered by Danish Newspaper (Berlingske Tidende) see The philosophical lines of thinking are described in my book: Når Filosofi Virker from 2012.

Leadership of Art & Culture 

Working in the areas of art and culture makes it difficult to practice standard ideas derived from basic business administration and management concepts. It demands a whole new set of skills that fulfil the artistic idea with certainty in handling process and organizations. 

Executing and organizing cultural events and artistic initiatives is to co-create the value of an eligible composition of work. Artistic value and practicing art makes people aware of philosophical ideas and magical experiences.

The industry is fragile in every aspect of doing business. PAUSTIAN ADVISORY has handled several cases within this industry providing the energy of strength. We have hands on experience and a deep knowledge about cultural business models, organizational set ups, the publicity of events, the creativity of communications, the sensitivity of art and the value of artistic processes etc.

Facilitating Action Learning

All sorts of business and leadership processes involve existential and social challenges, by which there is a demanding learning potential.

PAUSTIAN ADVISORY is capable of providing learning experiences within any kind of organizational set up focusing on action learning in order to prepare for new adventures.

We have developed considerable frameworks in order to create the right atmosphere and creativity by unfolding concepts such as living cases, mentoring, work-shops, classroom teaching, supervision of innovation projects, processes of personal development, spiritual and magnetic teaching concepts etc.