Educational programs

PAUSTIAN ADVISORY is anchored in the idea of expanding the business opportunities along with the expansion of the human mind based on grounded research and conceptual designs.

The overall approach being applied is INTUITIONS and the awareness of business development.

The advisory approach is focusing on thought development, reflecting a basic strategic approach helping to find pathways achieving visions.

Underneath, you will find five educational programs, developing a cohesion in order to solve problems related to the human mind and business issues in combination.

1. Philosophical Therapy: This program is for therapists who are working with clients on a daily basis. It is an inspirational course where students revitalize their therapeutic approach from a philosophical point of view. 

2. Agility Management Program: This is a cultural developmental program where the system of thoughts are replaced by a higher level of intuitions. The program is focusing on a smooth transition from having a simple mind-set of reference to handle complexity by responding immediately according to what is needed.

3. Aps is an associated company to Paustian Advisory where we offer an online self-study program within coaching. This program is for managers in order to develop a stronger capacity, having dialogues with clear insights to coaching as a practice and guidance for other people.

4. Philosophical Leadership: This program is stimulating the ability to think out of the box. It provides the individual with a new and very powerful way of integrating philosophy in business development.  

5. Humanistic Leadership: This program is stimulating the individual to become a ‘renaissance person’, integrating a variety of perspectives and to innovate the social conceptual frameworks. It will enable people to lead from a humanistic point of view and to incorporate a multidimensional mind-set. Please contact Morten Paustian in order to have a detailed version of the program.