Organizational Development

Paustian Advisory is offering various tailor-made educational programs either in small scale or in collaboration with other high-end educational institutions. These educational programs are developed with creativity and to pursue organisational development in new ways.

Philosophical Lounges

A philosophical lounge is a conceptual framework where the values of an organization become alive for the whole organisation. These Philosophical lounges are focusing on the values from a cultural point of view, applying artistic tools and references. It could be a potpourri of inspirations where movie clips at shown, literature are discussed, music is played, paintings are analysed and poetry is communicated - all sorts of relevant illustrative examples are used in order to create a deeper resonance of the values.

The event could be after work meetings from 17:00-18:30 in a cozy atmosphere where the employees are invited to share a nice and relevant time together.

Organizational Development and solving conflicts

A German trauma psychologist, Bert Hellinger discovered a methodology to analyse and rearrange a family structure in order to develop a deeper understanding and harmony for families. This methodology is called ‘Family Constellations’. It is one of the most interesting conceptual frameworks to work with. It is transmissible and can be applied to study and rearrange organisational dynamics and constellations. It is a very efficient way of approaching subtle conflicts and disharmonies.

Illustrative Business Cases

Illustrative Business Cases is a framework to make the business model alive. The business model could be illustrated as a theatre play with actors that enact as the business model is prescribing. Illustrative Business Cases are very useful as one way of implementing a new strategy for the whole organisation. This is a leadership tool to show how the business model is working.

The process is to analyse the business model and then to conceptualize it as a script with actors etc.