Executing a leadership strategy is an on-going process to be handled with care focusing on the areas of value - it implies creativity in leading towards the right conceptual framework, fulfilling the integrity of doing business and to enjoy leading a business development.

Underneath, the advisory approach is outlined in order to carry out the process of executing strategy.

Although, the process is outlined as a progression with step by step movements - it is not necessarily to be considered as linearity. 

1. Receiving the assignment

The assignment is given and experienced as an emotional state of mind. It is indicating the fundamental issues. It is in other words not necessarily outspoken or even detailed, but it is nonetheless obvious as a challenge.

The challenge is followed by information related to the subject of challenge. It is reflecting the present force of coherency in terms of business information, leadership issues and personal engagements. The overview is carried out.

2. Identifying the key issues

Suddenly, the clarity within the information material is showing itself, and it feels like puzzling it to perfection. The issues are all by a sudden a pattern of thinking.

Executing the strategy is a coordinated process of structuring a parallel movement within different areas of importance at the same time.

3. Doing what is needed

Carrying out the change of the unspoken is to do what is needed. It becomes a matter of handling the truth as the innocence.  

Conceptualizing the needed is to take care of a situation, that needs a self-perpetuating force, creating a living experience of the leadership.

4. Following the idea of solutions

Keeping the mind on the right track demands a certainty in ways of doing things – in the long run it is a matter of having awareness and proper competencies to meet the expected outcome of solutions.

It implies that orchestrating the value of changing is to manifest the change, as if it is happening ‘here and now’. It is a process of consulting the living in order to test the spirit of the ideas.    

5. Leading the thought process

Moving towards the future demands the intuitions awake. It seems to be the only way, creating certainty in thought processes that are related to what is going to happen. Thoughts are distinctive ideas.

When life forces are needed the unexpected seems to emerge. We have to improvise and that is a part of executing strategy… actually to improvise the unexpected and not the other way around.


In Paustian Advisory, the conceptual thinking is anchored as an immediate reflection of a potential coherency. The knowledge concept is intuitive guidance, by which clients receive a deeper understanding of the long-term perspective of their visions and decision-making process.

Paustian Advisory is in other words not anchored in any of the traditional paradigms or even in an academic thinking. It is much more into the depths of thinking clearly, practising an open set of mind.